Did you see: “President Obama discusses solar power in Nevada”

President Obama visited the Copper Mountain Solar 1 power plant in Boulder City, Nevada yesterday to talk about the growth of the renewable energy industry. The White House reports:

The facility is the largest photovoltaic plant in the country, and its 1 million solar panels power 17,000 homes in California.

Boulder City, a small town near Las Vegas with fewer than 20,000 residents, was initially established to house the workers building the Hoover Dam. Today, the sun shines on Boulder City 320 days each year, making it an ideal place for a massive solar facility. Construction began in 2010, and hundreds of local residents now have jobs because of the plant. Things are going so well, in fact, that a second and third Copper Mountain facility are in the works, which will eventually generate enough electricity to power 45,000 and 66,000 homes, respectively.

Across the country, businesses like the one that built Copper Mountain are developing enough solar energy to power 730,000 homes.

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