The weekly wrap-up

  1. In an interview on Wednesday, President Obama became the first sitting president to say: “Same-sex couples should be able to get married.” Check out this slideshow to see the ways in which the President has moved us forward on LGBT equality.

  2. On Saturday, May 5th, President Obama hosted the first rallies of this campaign in Richmond and Columbus—and Paulette, Richard, and Maxine got to meet him backstage.

  3. We met Robert, a volunteer in New Hampshire, who goes by the motto: “You don't want to find yourself waking up on November 7th thinking, ‘I could have, would have, should have.’”

  4. The campaign launched a new TV ad tracing the path of our nation since President Obama took office and the progress we’ve made so far.

  5. Not a single Republican senator voted to keep student loan interest rates from doubling this summer—and President Obama continues to call on Congress to act and make college more affordable.