Another Dem Turns on Obama’s Bain Attacks

You can add one more name to the growing list of Democrats who have spoken out against Obama's attack ads aimed at Bain Capital. Former governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell told BuzzFeed he found the ads "very disappointing."

This makes at least four nationally known Democrats who have criticized the tone of the ads. The big splash came Sunday when Mayor Cory Booker called the attacks "nauseating." Booker was backed up by Harold Ford Jr. and former Obama Car Czar Steve Rattner, both of whom chose to side with "private equity" over party.

The Romney campaign was quick to jump on the backlash and produced an ad using clips of the dissenters within Democratic ranks. However, President Obama seems committed to the strategy of attacking Romney by highlighting his time at Bain. At a news conference yesterday, he emphasized, "This is what this campaign is going to be about."

What should be of more concern to the Obama camp than the complaints of a few stray Democrats is the response the attacks are getting from the media. This ABC report hints that the attacks on Bain seem calculated to exploit ignorance about the role companies like Bain play in our economy:

Pumping more money into a company that has shown signs of failure isn't as smart a move business-wise as cutting losses to save investors money... that's what private-equity firms do, a reality that the Obama campaign doesn't mention in its videos.

An LA Times opinion piece examining Obama's Bain ads is even more succinct: "most of the Obama campaign's criticism of Romney's Bain record to date has been misleading and inconsequential." So far, this isn't looking like a winning strategy for team Obama.