Antisemitic MMfA Misrepresents Loesch Remark

Last week on her radio show Dana Loesch deconstructed Martin Bashir's repeated bigoted attacks on GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney. She also discussed how American audiences view personalities like Bashir, less a political reporter and more a stringer for TMZ and also detailed how viewers may perceive news anchors with accents -- especially when there was discussion after ABC restructured their Sunday morning program.

Loesch has joked that Media Matters regularly cuts her remarks so as to present a selectively-edited smear, which like clockwork, they did again. MMfA employs people to listen and record Loesch's show and figure out ways to misrepresent her remarks, like oddly editing things, which explains the 52-second cut. Fortunately, her podcasts include her 3-hour program, which MMfA forgets that people can access. Loesch called out Bashir for lying about the absence of liberal bias in media and concluded the monologue with explaining how Bashir shows he doesn't understand the American political system. Nothing evidences this better than his complete lack of knowledge about due process, as seen here. Bashir has hatefully smeared conservative women, calling Michele Bachmann the "thinking man's Sarah Palin" and smearing the late Andrew Breitbart as "racist." 

Sadly, Mediaite didn't bother with practicing actual journalism and regurgitated MMfA's story without bothering to contact Loesch for comment. Other leftists did the same, and dishonestly presented a remark about ratings to be a subject about race, so desperate are these entities to push the race card on behalf of an administration that one of them colludes with regularly. What does knowledge of the American political system have to do with race? 

Don't think there's an agenda? Was Touré called a racist when he said that Piers Morgan doesn't understand race because he's British? Did Media Matters and their new aggregator Mediaite remark on this? No, of course not. There's no agenda benefit for them.