Michael Moore: OWS Bomb Plot, Assault, Vandalism Equal "A Good Day"

One-percenter Michael Moore Tweeted his approval of the Occupy/May Day tactics which included bomb plots, assault, and vandalism.

The day also included Occupiers copying European "black bloc" tactics while screaming "pigs" and "murderers" at our police officers

All of this amounts to a "good day!" by Moore's estimation. I'm always amazed at how progressives claim to care for working men and women -- like our police officers -- except when they make them work long hours and overburden them with their terrorist tactics. Terrorism -- bomb plots, sending envelopes with powder to various businesses, vandalism -- isn't a form of protest. But hey, good day!

Moore was in the news recently due to, by his logic, a greedy battle with Harvey Weinstein over millions in profits earned off the backs of those affected by the 9/11 terror attack.