10,000 Illegal Migrants Will Be Smuggled On Lorries Into England THIS YEAR

Around 200 illegal migrants are arriving in England each week smuggled aboard lorries, according to French officials. The figure represents a huge step up in the number of “lorry drops”, being nearly double the number arriving in this way last year. The roads around Calais port have become a “no-go area” between the hours of midnight and 6am, Philippe Mignonet, deputy mayor of Calais has said, thanks to the gangs of migrants who pull branches and debris onto the roads to halt traffic, allowing their comrades to climb aboard. “Each lorry is packed with dozens of migrants and many are stopped before they reach England,” a regional security official said. “But we are certain that a few get through. The estimate is around 200 a week. We know others are crossing in small boats or vans,” the official added, according to a report in the Sunday Telegraph. If the estimate is correct, it means some 10,000 migrants are on track to enter Britain illegally by smuggling themselves on lorries, nearly twice the 2015 tally of 6,400 – which itself was double the previous year’s figure. Numerous reports have emerged from the Calais region in recent weeks of drivers being threatened