2016 Election: World Reacts to Donald Trump’s Stunning Upset Victory

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Welcome to Breitbart News’s live coverage of the aftermath of Election Day, 2016. Check this page for updates on president-elect Donald Trump, celebrating a shocking upset win, and the reactions from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the bipartisan political establishment, and legacy media outlets. All times Eastern. 10:41 AM — Hillary Clinton is late for a 10:30 speech she announced this morning. Already 10mins after HRC was expected to speak & still a huge line of press waiting outside the New Yorker pic.twitter.com/Y77FPEfzOf — Liz Kreutz (@ABCLiz) November 9, 2016 10:41 AM — @@@5496587@@@http://www.breitbart.com/live/2016-election-world-reacts-donald-trumps-stunning-upset-victory/vox-media-obsession-bullst-email-scandal-helped-donald-trump-win/@@@title+@@@excerpt+@@@ 10:24 AM — @@@5496542@@@http://www.breitbart.com/live/2016-election-world-reacts-donald-trumps-stunning-upset-victory/obama-congratulates-donald-trump-invites-white-house-meeting/@@@title+@@@excerpt+@@@