25 Ways the NFL Slimed Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Roger Goodell AP
From the investigator touting as truth the opposite of the testimony of the AFC Championship Game referee on the matter most salient to Deflategate to the league admitting ignorance of the Ideal Gas Law to Roger Goodell hearing the appeal on the fairness of the suspension Roger Goodell handed down, the NFL gives its fans myriad reasons to doubt its investigation into Tom Brady. Here are 25 of the ways in which the NFL railroaded the face of the league: Roger Goodell Called Ted Wells ‘Independent’—Until He Called Him His Lawyer Roger Goodell repeatedly touted the independence of investigator Ted Wells. But when Tom Brady’s lawyers asked Wells questions about his “independent” investigation, he asserted attorney-client privilege a half-dozen times during the league appeal. Brady’s lawyer highlighted the conflict of interest. “Mr. Wells just testified he was independent and the NFL was not his client,” Jeffrey Kessler noted. “Therefore, Mr. [Jeff] Pash’s communications with him could not be privileged under any possible application of the privilege, unless Mr. Wells wants to change his testimony and state that the NFL was his client in this matter, which would mean he is not independent.” The NFL Does Not Know the Pregame Pressure