40 Roma Migrants Occupy German Cathedral

Forty Roma migrants have occupied the cathedral in Regensburg to protest the German government’s classification of the Balkan nations as “safe countries”. The migrants, who include men, women and children, have occupied the vestibule of the Regensburg cathedral Tuesday afternoon demanding that the German government reexamine its decision to classify the Balkan states as safe countries. The Roma have erected homemade banners and signs demanding that they not be sent back to the Balkans and be allowed to stay in Germany, reports Bavarian broadcaster BR24.de. The Roma, who have said they are determined to stay in the cathedral until their demands are met, are backed by the left-wing extremist organisation Anti-Fascist Action (Antifa) who have joined them in their protest. The left-wing extremist group is known for their readiness to employ violence against their political opponents and have been alleged to be behind attacks on the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party at their party conference in Stuttgart earlier this year and on individual members. Antifa took to Twitter to post a list of demands to the German authorities. In the letter the group claimed to speak for the Roma families saying “some of us are under threat of deportation. Others could be deported