ABC’s Karl to Dem Sen Murphy: ‘Why Are We Focusing on Things That Have Nothing to Do With the Massacres?’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” network White House correspondent Jonathan Karl grilled Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) on if any of his gun control proposals would have stopped the recent mass shootings. Partial transcript as follows: KARL: So Senator Murphy, you are getting those votes on Monday, tomorrow.But are you going to have to look those families in the eye once again and tell them that you have failed? Because those things are — those are not going to pass, none of them. MURPHY: Well, listen, we’ll still work hard over the weekend on the bill that would stop people on the terrorist watchlist from getting guns. I admit that the background checks bill is going to be tough to get 60 votes on, but we still have hope that we can get Republicans to support the bill, stopping terrorists from getting weapons. But, listen, I think something important happened last week. It wasn’t just that 40 senators came to the floor and supported my effort to get these votes but there were millions of people all across the country who rose up and who joined our effort. And what we know is, ultimately, the only way that you win this issue