After Brexit Blow To Brussels, Both Austria And Hungary To Hold Landmark EU Votes On Same Day In October

Austria And Hungary
Both Hungary and Austria are soon to be holding national votes on issues that could strike further hammer-blows against the future of the European Union, and have announced today they are both to share the same date. In Austria, the state Constitutional Court has just announced the re-run of their presidential election for October second, in which Eurosceptic populist-right candidate Norbert Hofer stands to become the figurehead of the Central European state. The vote was originally held in May but accusations of malpractice during the counting and sorting of postal votes led to a full investigation by the nation’s highest political court. Over a month later, the court reported that it had found “particularly serious” evidence of votes being handled inappropriately and found the number of votes involved was potentially more than the margin of victory in the photo-finish second round vote. Green-backed candidate Alexander Van der Bellen beat the populist Norbert Hofer by just 0.6-per-cent, raising the distinct possibility the new vote could see him returned as president. The successful referendum vote in the United Kingdom on leaving the European Union seems to have emboldened Mr. Hofer, who has now said for the first time that if the Union is not