Alex Marlow Recalls Milo’s Epic Beatdown of TIME Reporter Joel Stein on the Milo Show

Milo sat down to speak with Breitbart Editor-In-Chief Alex Marlow during the latest episode of the Milo Yiannopoulos Show, where the two recalled Milo’s beatdown of TIME reporter Joel Stein on the previous episode. “And who were you saying this to? Who was this directed at?” asked Milo, as Alex recalled a conversation where he near-on acted as Milo’s hype man. “This was our buddy Joel Stein, who was on the podcast last week” replied Alex. “Of course” Milo responded. “Of course”. “I think it’s safe to say he got served” declared Alex. “But we’re very grateful for him because it was a great show, and it was very nice of him to be the foil for you. But it was pretty brutal. Take down after take down from you, sir”. “Well, I mean he wrote a cover story, it was a piece about trolling, and he said that internet culture was being destroyed by this culture of hatred, and I just asked him a few, what I thought, were very basic, obvious questions” recalled Milo. “Conservative women get worse stuff than anybody else. That’s fairly well-documented, fairly obvious if you live on the internet. So why were all the