Ana Navarro: ‘Don’t Act Outraged and Offended’ When I Say ‘Pu**y’ When ‘You’re Not Offended When Donald Trump Says It’

During Friday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” CNN political commentator Ana Navarro stated, “don’t tell me you’re offended when I say pu**y, but you’re not offended when Donald Trump says it” during a tense exchange with CNN contributor Scottie Nell Hughes over Navarro’s use of the word “pu**y.” Navarro said, “We have seen for the last year that those words are exactly what reflects him. And I just have one question for my GOP brethren, for GOP leadership: We have seen this man mock a disabled person. We’ve seen him call Mexicans rapists. We’ve seen him say horrible things about Rosie O’Donnell, about Miss Universe, about Megyn Kelly, about Carly Fiorinia. We have seen him pick a fight for over a week with Gold Star family. What else do they need to see? Today, we saw him boasting, laughing with grabbing a woman’s pu**y. What else do we need to see to disown him, disavow him, ask him to resign, ask him to step down? He is dragging the Republican Party down, and everybody’s going to have to answer the question, what did you do when you were faced with indisputable that that this man was a misogynist? Did you step