Analysis: Immigrants Costs Taxpayers Up To £17 Billion a Year

Mass migration to the United Kingdom has been found to cost the Exchequer billions of pounds in a new analysis of academic studies just days before Britain’s referendum on the European Union. Only a minority of migrants are net financial beneficiaries to the United Kingdom, and overall migrants themselves cost billions of pounds every year. The new study by Migration Watch, released today has found the true cost of migrants is between four and seventeen billion pounds annually. Despite claims to the contrary, there was also no evidence found that supported the idea that migrants boosted Gross Domestic Produce (GDP) per capita. Citing research by the House of Lords and a 2008 report by National Institute of Economic and Social Research found there was “no evidence that there was any significant economic benefit for the existing UK population”. Commenting on the new report, Migration Watch boss Lord Green of Deddington said: “There has been a lazy assumption in much recent comment that immigrants are unquestionably an economic benefit to the UK but this very much depends on where they came from and when they arrived. “Of course many immigrants are hard workers and valuable contributors to our society and EU migrants are often particularly