As Many As Half a Million Undocumented Migrants At Large — With Another Half Million On The Way

Undocumented Migrants
Germany, and Europe’s failure to control their own borders during the migrant crisis, has forced statisticians to admit they don’t know how many undocumented illegals there are in the country. Down to the very nature of these so-called invisible illegals, who have never been spotted at a border crossing, nor interacted with police, or taken any government services, estimating their exact number is very difficult. Yet their disproportionate involvement in crime and the German underworld makes them an important area of study, and now a team from the University of Bremen has come up with a new figure. Academic Dita Vogel led the “Clandestine Project” which came to a broad figure of between 180,000 and 520,000.  This is a significant range which reflects the difficulty the German state has in establishing for certain the number of undocumented illegals that are within their borders. Yet without having legal, tax-paying jobs or receiving state benefits they are still able to survive day to day. Germany newspaper Welt reports the figure, and the fact the majority of this up-to half a million estimated figure are forced prostitutes — sex slaves — and criminals. The figures are based on police crime statistics — as a proportion of