Bewildered EU Foreign Ministers Gather to Grapple With Trump Victory

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union foreign ministers will gather Sunday to discuss the impact of Donald Trump’s election on trans-Atlantic ties and whether it will complicate relations with an increasingly belligerent Russia. At informal dinner talks in Brussels, well away from the media, the ministers will debate how many of Trump’s campaign announcements — like isolationist positions on security, his rejection of international trade pacts and refusal to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin — might translate into real policy. Before the dinner, EU diplomats were at a loss to explain Trump’s stunning victory or understand yet what it might really mean. Giovanni Grevi, senior fellow at the European Policy Centre think tank, said that “cooperation between Europe and the U.S. will not become impossible, but it will become much more difficult.” “Donald Trump has been putting America first … in defining his foreign policy and it seems he is taking a very transactional approach to international affairs. This is very likely to apply also to trans-Atlantic relations. He will value Europeans in so far as they can match his priorities,” Grevi said. Given Trump’s clear opposition to major trade pacts, EU officials are all but certain that the massive Trans-Atlantic