Bill Clinton Tells British Voters To Reject Brexit

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton seems to have overcome recent issues he had with certain European Union (EU) Member States, penning a piece for a left-of-centre news weekly which tells British voters to reject the temptation to vote for Brexit in the upcoming referendum. Writing for the website of a magazine which boasts of its “progressive politics”, “scepticism” and “free thinking”, President Clinton trotted out the standard establishment arguments for a rejection of Brexit in favour of the status quo in the EU referendum taking place this month, declaring: “I hope you will stay.” Claiming in his New Statesman piece that “Europe is strongest when it is united”, President Clinton did concede that the “decision on Europe is one for the British people, and the world will respect their judgement.” However, he then added his pro-EU voice to that of President Obama with the finger-wagging warning: They should know, however, how much America and the rest of the world have valued – and continue to value – a strong United Kingdom playing its full part in a strong European Union. Transatlantic co-operation is essential, and that co-operation is strongest when Europe is united. President Clinton identified a temptation to see isolationism as an answer to what he describes as “a tumultuous world,