Black Lives Matter Activists Angry Dead ‘White People’ In France Stealing Their Limelight

Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters have claimed the deadly terrorist attack in France was “to make people lose attention” [sic] in their movement and focus on “white” lives instead. “Ok I’ve come to the conclusion that what happened in Nice was to make people lose attention off [sic] #BlackLivesMatter and focus and unite against us”, wrote Twitter user Semsa, who is based in London but says “Egypt’s the motherland”. She has since made her account private. “Don’t #PrayForNice we are fighting a civil war against whites. #BLM”, tweeted Franklin Omar, an activist who also appears to be from London, and describes himself as a “Muslim”. It’s sad to see where #BLM finds itself these days. I used to be a huge supporter… you guys lost your way. — Gissur Simonarson CN (@GissiSim) July 15, 2016 “I’m seeing all this ignorant hate for Muslims. THESE PEOPLE AREN’T MUSLIM. #PrayForNice #Nice #NotAllMuslims”, wrote Mr. Omar later. Adding: “Your women are ours now. Allah (pbuh) has promised them to us. Piss off white crusader, watch as Rome burns”, and, “lol we’ve already won Europe, USA can’t do anything against the caliphate white pussy, USA men cant fuck, good luck.” “It’s sad to see all