‘BLACK OPS’: UK’s Conservative, Brexit PM Candidate Under Barrage From Establishment

“I think she’s the victim of a mega stitch up. I think she’s been treated, actually, by the media very much the way I was back in 2014 like just get the feeling that if you really challenge the establishment they become back and bite you very very hard”. These were the words of the outgoing UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage on LBC radio on Sunday morning, as Britain’s newspapers launched into another barrage of hatred against the socially conservative, pro-Brexit candidate to be the next leader of the Conservative Party. Whoever the next leader is also becomes the next Prime Minister. In the UK’s parliamentary democracy, if a Prime Minister resigns, the party that won the last election gets to choose the next leader of the country without a general election, because in such a system, the PM is not directly elected like a President. The race for the premiership in Britain since David Cameron’s post-Brexit resignation has been whittled down to two people by the Conservative Parliamentary Party (another quirk). The two remaining candidates are the Brexiteer, former City worker, mother, and socially conservative Andrea Leadsom. The other: the 6-year-long Home Secretary who used to work for the Bank of England Theresa May. May,