BLACKOUT: Media Ignores Pro-Brexit Demo But HUNDREDS Of Articles Published On Pro-EU Protest

LONDON, United Kingdom – Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Houses of Parliament on Monday to demand that Prime Minister Theresa May heed the will of the British public and begin the process to get the UK out of the European Union (EU). Despite the breadth of support for the “Invoke Article 50 Now” demonstration – which included left-libertarians, trades unionists, UKIP supporters, Tories, and Labour types – the establishment media failed to cover the event. While fair to say that this weekend’s “March for Europe” was far better attended – though the constituents seemed to mainly be rent-a-lefty protesters and foreign nationals – the fact that the winning side of the Brexit referendum is having to protest at all should perhaps be worthy of news coverage. The likes of the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, and others have been known to cover protests involving just a handful of people, such as the Calais pro-open borders protests across London last year. For a pro-Brexit demo on their doorstep however, they refuse. The March for Europe, sponsored by the same corporate lobby groups that failed to win the EU referendum in June, attracted just over 1,000 people. Today’s static demonstration outside the