Boris Backs Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants

London Mayor Boris Johnson has come out in favour of amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in Britain for over 12 years. The announcement marks a shift in the hard-line anti-immigration rhetoric that has been prevalent in the Leave campaigns, and which has been held responsible for the rise in the polls in the Out camp over the past few weeks. Speaking this morning at a Vote Leave event which saw both Breitbart News and Channel 4 journalists refused entry, Mr. Johnson said: And, yes, let us take back control of our borders with a sensible, fair and impartial system. And let me take on this issue absolutely directly. Because I am pro-immigration, my friends. I am the proud descendent of Turkish immigrants. And let me stun you, perhaps, by saying I would go further. I am not only pro-immigration, I’m pro-immigrants, but I am in favour of an amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been here for more than 12 years, unable to contribute to this economy, unable to pay taxes, unable to take proper part in society. And I will tell you why: because it is the humane thing to do. It is the economically rational thing