Brexit: How Europe Fell Out Of Love With The EU

(AFP) – When the ceiling fell in recently at the European Museum in the tiny Luxembourg village of Schengen, the local mayor was quick to deny that there was any wider symbolism. Ben Homan blamed the accident on shoddy workmen who used the wrong type of fasteners in the museum, which celebrates the birthplace of the cherished 26-country Schengen passport-free zone. But just as the museum remains under repair, the dreams on which the European Union was founded seem to defy any quick fix, with the bloc itself seemingly more unloved than at any time in its history. Britain could be headed towards voting to leave the EU in a referendum on June 23, while the future of the Schengen zone itself is threatened by the biggest migration crisis since World War II. “We need to get these visions and these dreams back, and to go back to doing what we can together,” Homan tells AFP as he watches the flood-swollen River Moselle course past hills covered in vineyards. “When you are here, you live out the Schengen accord every day because if you move just 100 metres (yards) you can be in another country. Here we have seen the