Brexit Voter Died Hours After Brutal Attack by Remain Supporter

Duncan Keating 2(1)
A man died just hours after he was brutally beaten and threatened with being set alight by his neighbour, who was angry with him for having voted for Brexit, a court has heard. Duncan Keating, 58, was hit with a parasol, repeatedly punched, doused with fertiliser and threatened with being burned alive during an attack by neighbour Graham Dunn, 62, in the communal gardens of the retirement apartment complex in Manchester where both men lived. Keating was found dead in his apartment six hours later, kneeling by his bed. Keating had been planting seedlings when he struck up a conversation with Dunn, asking him how he had voted in the referendum a few days previously. Both men had been drinking that day, and when Dunn found out that Mr Keating had voted to leave he flew into a rage, the Manchester Evening News has reported. Prosecutor Maria Brannan told court: “The defendant became aggressive, asking if he had children, saying ‘fucking think about their generation, not yours’.” He added: “I’m going to have you, let’s fucking sort this out.” CCTV footage showed Dunn launching a 15-minute-long sustained attack against Keating, repeatedly pushing and thumping him despite being met with no