Brexit: Why I’m Still Backing Gove for the Iron Throne

One of the many puzzling tweets I’ve seen on the subject of Michael Gove’s candidacy for the Conservative party leadership is this one: @WikiGuido @JamesDelingpole Now going to focus on #anyonebutGove ghastly backstabber! — Allie Wytchwood (@wytchwooda) July 1, 2016 Clearly this person has never seen an episode of Game of Thrones. I can think of lots of character flaws which might put me off voting for someone who hoped to be my next Prime Minister, but “ruthless determination to get things done” and “willingness to put national interest before friendship” certainly aren’t among them. This was the essence of Michael Gove’s “no more Mr Nice Guy” pitch today at the conference to announce his leadership. To paraphrase: “Yes, some of you may think I’m a bastard. But you’re going to need a bastard to deliver on the thing you all just voted for in the EU referendum.” Gove was characteristically polite about his opponent – and the current, Daily-Mail-backed frontrunner – Theresa May. But I think we all understand his underlying message: if you want to chuck away almost everything we achieved last week in the Brexit vote then hand over the reins to May. The problem with May