Brexiteers Take Control In Britain’s New Cabinet

theresa may
(AFP) – The appointment of leading Brexit campaigners to her new government emphasises Prime Minister Theresa May’s commitment to pulling Britain out of the EU, despite her own reservations, analysts said Thursday. Taking office three weeks after the vote to leave the bloc, May, who campaigned to stay in the EU, installed “Leave” leader Boris Johnson as foreign minister, despite his history of diplomatic gaffes. “His appointment is a gamble,” said Peter Snowdon, a long-time observer of the ruling Conservative party who co-authored a book on May’s predecessor, David Cameron. “She sees him as the frontman of the ‘Leave’ campaign and also she sees his popularity –- even if he is a divisive figure,” he told AFP. With EU leaders pressing for a clear timetable on exiting the bloc, May has created a new ministerial job dedicated to Brexit, which she handed to eurosceptic lawmaker David Davis. Another hardline critic of the EU, Liam Fox, becomes minister for international trade, reflecting the need to forge new alliances if Britain leaves the EU single market. The two men are “unlikely to tolerate any backsliding on the promise that ‘Brexit means Brexit’,” said Mark Wallace, executive editor of the Tory website Conservative