British Secret Plan To Open Doors to 1.5 Million Turks Revealed

Leaked cables between British diplomats and ministers outline a proposal to grant visa-free access to the UK to up to 1.5 million Turks, the plan intended to be kept under wraps until AFTER the 23 June referendum. The Sunday Times also reported that the five leaked documents also suggests that EU officials are attempting to keep any visa deal with Turkey concealed until after the referendum. The cables were confirmed as genuine by Downing Street. According to The Sunday Times, in a cable to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on 5 May, Janet Douglas, the Deputy Head of Mission in Turkey, wrote: “Should [EU] visa liberalisation be granted, we will need to develop our own lines on the UK’s stance to visa-free travel for Turks” as a “significant and symbolic gesture to Turkey”. Ms.  Douglas went on to warn that without the EU deal on visa liberalisation: “An impetuous and riled Erdoğan — prone to come out fighting when he feels betrayed — could carry through his threat to ‘open the floodgates’ to Europe for migrants”. Ms. Douglas’s role as the Deputy Head of Mission in Turkey includes acting as a key advisor to the Ambassador, Richard Moore, and representing the UK’s interests in his absence; these