California’s ‘Resistance’ to Trump Has Been a Dud

San Francisco Gay Pride parade resist (Elivah Nouvelage / Getty)
The 2017 California state legislative session began with the metaphorical roar of “resistance” to President Donald Trump’s policies, but is ending with a weak whimper. According to a piece published on the CalMatters blog, the “resistance” movement launched with so much fanfare that “[a] hashtag went viral: #stateofresistance.” CalMatters’ Laurel Rosenhall reports (original emphasis): Yet with their opportunity to pass bills for the year coming to a close on Friday, California Democrats have a mixed record when it comes to turning their anti-Trump talk into action. A high-profile sanctuary bill meant to shield undocumented immigrants from deportation was significantly scaled back this week. A proposal to make it harder for the feds to build a wall on the California-Mexico border has stalled. An attempt to provide state-run health care for all Californians—intensely demanded by progressive activists—was put on hold. And approval of a bill meant to preserve tough environmental standards in California even if the federal government weakens protections nationwide looks iffy as it awaits action in the Assembly. … “It’s mostly bark and not so much bite,” said Democratic political consultant Steve Maviglio. “There is really only so much (lawmakers) can do.” And so or all the time and energy California Democrats spent on crafting legislation and calling press conferences