Calls for Christian-Only Asylum Homes After Muslim Violence

Christian Refugees
A Vienna based NGO has called for separate asylum homes for Christians who they say are the victims of Muslim intimidation and violence. The call for separate accommodation for Christians in Austria comes from the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe. The group states that Christians are routinely persecuted in asylum homes by Muslim migrants and run the risk of being victims of everything from threats to physical violence if they are forced to share lodgings with Muslims reports Vienna Online. The NGO recently released an annual report covering instances of intolerance and violence toward Christians in Austria and Europe. Among the list of attacks includes such things as violent attacks on Christians, vandalism and desecration of both churches and grave sites, insults of a religious nature and discrimination in workplaces. The group has stated that they have personally recorded and documented 180 examples of discrimination toward Christians across Europe in 2015 though many other groups such as Open Doors have claimed the numbers to be vastly higher. Earlier this year Open Doors released a report claiming that they had documented over 230 cases of abuse and discrimination towards Christians at a single asylum home in the German capital of