Calls Grow For UK General Election, Theresa May Said Gordon Brown Had No Mandate in 2007

Calls for a General Election in the United Kingdom are gaining popularity as members of the public and journalists alike have rediscovered a Theresa May quote from 2007 in which she claimed the unelected Prime Minister Gordon Brown had no mandate. Writing on the Conservative Home website when Mr. Brown took over as leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister from Tony Blair, Ms. May said: “[W]henever Gordon Brown chooses to call a general election, we will be ready for him. He has no democratic mandate. He has a reputation tainted by his failures after a decade in office. And he has no new ideas. An early election? Bring it on.” But the calls may be scuppered by the relatively new Fixed Term Parliament Act (2011) which established set five-year terms for each government. Prior to this, the date of General Elections were usually set by the prime minister of the day, given him or her an advantage over the opposition. The Fixed Term Parliament Act does however include a clause wherever with a two-thirds majority of Parliament, an election can be called. It says, under the heading: “Early parliamentary general elections”  that “An early parliamentary general election is