Charles Blow: Open Carry, ‘Not What We Want As a Society’

During CNN’s coverage of the shooting of 11 police officers in Dallas, TX that left four officers dead, CNN Political Commentator and New York Times columnist Charles Blow stated that because of open carry laws, “Police don’t know if the person who has the weapon out in the open is just a protester or not, and that puts them in a very kind of awkward position of having to just kind of make guesses about this, and that’s not what we want as a society.” Blow said, “But this idea, I think is really important, but it — probably a discussion for another day, but totally tips over into the gun debate. I mean, this idea of having to match firepower for whatever people can have on the street, because what we are seeing is that people have — there are a lot more of these types of weapons. And this is where I think a lot of minds can meet. we want our police officers to be safe. We want our communities to be safe, and the more of these sorts of weapons out there, the more police have to arm up to, in act, defend themselves against those types of