Chinese Tourist Mistaken For Refugee, Stripped Of Passport, Forced To Spend Two Weeks In German Migrant Camp

Chinese Tourist
A Chinese tourist on a grand tour of Europe was accidentally identified as a migrant and drawn into Germany’s migration system, finding himself locked in a migrant camp for two weeks after he attempted to report a crime. The 31-year-old tourist, who spoke no English or German, had his wallet stolen while sightseeing in the country. But when attempting to report the theft he accidentally made the complaint in Heidelberg town hall rather than the police station. While signing a form he believed to be a crime report about his stolen possessions, the Chinese national was inadvertently signing a government asylum application, reports local paper the Dülmener Zeitung. By signing the paper, the tourist set in motion a bureaucratic process from which he was unable to then escape — he was stripped of his Chinese passport and visa by the German authorities, given “refugee documents”, X-rayed, had his fingerprints scanned, and “medically examined”. Through this whole process, the tourist apparently did not offer resistance, nor was he able to ask for an explanation of what was happening. Germany’s Rheinische Post reports the remarks of local Red Cross director Christoph Schlütermann who said because the Chinese man had “a lot of respect for authority”,