Christie: It Is ‘Inappropriate’ To Criticize Khans

Tuesday at a statehouse news conference in Trenton, NJ, when asked about the controversy over the back and forth between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the parents of fallen U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said it was “inappropriate” to criticize Gold Star families. Christie said, “I didn’t see Mr Khan’s speech at the DNC but I’ll just say this — I’m a father and I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child under any circumstances. And for Mr. and Mrs. Khan the pain of losing their son while defending our country is unfathomable. I think it gives them the right to say whatever they want, whether they’re right or wrong. They have the right to say whatever it is they want. We need to honor their sacrifice for our country and we need to honor their son’s sacrifice for our country.” He added, “My view on this is that the Khans have a right to say whatever it is they want regarding the loss of their son. And that for all the Gold Star families out there, they have put forward a sacrifice that I cannot fathom as a parent. The idea of me losing