Christie ‘No Doubt’ NJ, NY Explosions Terrorism

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said of the explosion before a Marine Corps charity race in Seaside Park, NJ and a bombing in New York City’s Chelsea district, that the incidents were “terrorism.” Partial transcript as follows: TAPPER: So, Governor, what can you tell us about the explosion in New Jersey? Are there any suspects, any leads? Do officials think there may be a connection to what happened in New York or Minnesota? CHRISTIE: Well, Jake, first off, we don’t believe at this time that there is evidence connecting it to the attacks in New York or Minnesota.  The FBI is leading the investigation, along with the New Jersey State Police and our Office of Homeland Security. We have some promising leads, but no suspects at this time. And so we’re continuing to work with the authorities to make sure that we bring whoever is responsible for this to justice as quickly as possible. TAPPER: There must e a lot of suspicion in your mind, though, about a connection to terror, especially with the bombing in New York the same day. CHRISTIE: Oh, of course there are, you know, but, again, I think one of