Church Warns Hundreds Of Muslims Using Baptism To Avoid Being Deported

The Church of England has warned that hundreds of migrants are exploiting a loophole where they convert to Christianity in a bid to avoid being deported to Iran. In Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral alone more than 200 Iranians have recently converted from Islam to Christianity. This move, said the Very Reverend Dr Peter Wilcox, who is Dean of Liverpool Cathedral “can significantly enhance” the prospects of migrants gaining “refugee” status. Once converted, the migrants argue that as Christians they would be persecuted and subjected to torture if they return to Iran. In order to convert to Christianity migrants need only attend a five-week baptism course. Tellingly, Dr. Wilcox told The Sunday Times he cannot “think of a single example of somebody who already had British citizenship converting here with us from Islam to Christianity”. The Church of England (CoE) Dean acknowledged that “mixed motives are not unheard of,” comparing their conversions to how some parents will baptise their children to boost their chances to get a place at desirable church schools: “God alone knows the person’s heart and we try to be consistent about that and not to set the bar at one height for middle-class aspiring parents seeking the best for the education