Claim: ‘Corrupt’ Google Suppressing Eurosceptic Website, Says Founder

Google European Union (EU)
Google, by far the world’s most popular and influential Internet search engine, has inexplicably buried a popular eurosceptic website on the second page of search results on the topic, the website’s founder has claimed. He said the Internet giant is “corrupt” and implied it supports a pro-European Union (EU) agenda, just one day after the EU revealed it is working with Facebook, Twitter and (Google-owned) YouTube to promote “alternative narratives” it supports. Just yesterday, Google’s public policy and government relation’s director, Lie Junius, said the firm was, “pleased to work with the [European] Commission” – the EU’s unelected executive arm. Ninety per cent of Internet searches are made on Google. It is the primary source of information for many voters today and has been estimated to command the power to decide the voting preference of some 20 per cent of undecided voter – 80 per cent for some demographics. Its role in the tight-run EU referendum, therefore, could be decisive. So when the popular and eurosceptic EUReferendum website recently disappeared off Google’s first page of results on the topic – after being the top result for the topic on search engines for more than a decade – eyebrows were raised. The site