CNN Editors Help Left-Wing Van Jones Smear CNN’s Pro-Trump Commentator

CNN’s editors selectively edited a video report about on-air pundit Van Jones ordering his GOP female colleague Kayleigh McEnany to “back off.” The edit by CNN led viewers to believe that McEnany had incorrectly accused Jones of talking about interning Muslims.  In fact, the full video shows that Jones did make a false claim about newly elected President Donald J. Trump wanting to “intern” Muslims. The skew in favor of Jones come as he uses his CNN perch to promote national protests against the Nov. 8 election result, for example, by describing the results as a white racist “whitelash.” The selectively edited video came from CNN in both an article and a Tweet. “You need to back off”: Van Jones, Trump supporter clash — CNN (@CNN) November 10, 2016 CNN’s article mis-characterized the exchange this way: CNN’s Van Jones exchanged hot words with Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday night as the Trump supporter argued Jones ought to repudiate fears among protesters that a Trump administration would create camps for illegal immigrants. “You should correct that fear,” said McEnany. “Donald Trump has never proposed internment camps. You have to correct that fear.” “You need to back off,” Jones fired back. “You