CNN Legal Analyst Callan: ‘Absurd’ to Call Donald Trump Jr’s Russian Lawyer Meeting ‘Treason’

CNN legal analyst Paul Callan weighed in on Donald Trump Jr.’s emails about his meeting with a Russian lawyer. While Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) suggested Trump Jr. may have committed “treason,” Callan said on Tuesday’s “Inside Politics” that to call it that is “absurd.” “I think this is really going to be one of the most important documents that [special counsel Robert] Mueller looks at,” Callan said. “Because it’s the first time we see a clear link to the Russian government in that the email suggests that this lawyer, who’s going to have the meeting, has been designated by the Russian government, and that there are official Russian documents linked to the crown prosecutor of Russia that may incriminate Hillary Clinton.” He continued, “I think we have to hesitate before we jump to the conclusion that this is criminal as opposed to political stupidity because there’s nothing in American law that I’m aware of that would prohibit a candidate from accepting damaging information, even from an enemy foreign government, to use against a political opponent. And I really think it’s absurd to say this could be treason. It just doesn’t rise to that level.” (h/t The Hill) Follow Trent Baker on