CNN’s Acosta: Trump Held ‘Fake News Conference’ By Attacking CNN in Poland

jim acosta
Thursday on CNN’s “New Day,”  when asked about President Donald  Trump’s press conference from Poland, network White House correspondent Jim Acosta accused Trump of holding a “fake news conference” for going off on CNN as fake news during the event. Acosta said, “It was not a surprise that the first question he would take from an American reporter and from the friendly news media, friendly reporter who teed up CNN. For the president to go off on CNN about fake news, made this spectacle feel like a fake news conference. This was not an attempt by the president to seek out a question from somebody who was going to challenge him on the issues.” He continued, “A couple of things we want to point out. The president once again said that Barack Obama did nothing from August to November about Russian meddling. That is simply fake news. President Obama talked to Vladimir Putin at a G20 Summit in September about all of this, to say otherwise is fake news. Barack Obama went farther, by the way, in that meeting with Vladimir Putin, then President Trump is promising to do himself. He’s not even promising to bring up election meddling in