CNN’s Dana Bash Praises Trump’s ‘Detailed,’ ‘Cogent’ Policy Speech — This Is ‘a New Trump Campaign’

Following presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s Tuesday economic address in Monessen, PA, CNN’s Dana Bash said that congressional Republicans were pleased to hear their party’s standard bearer deliver such a “detailed” and “cogent” policy speech. Bash told viewers that the media is  witnessing “a new Trump campaign,” which appears to be better organized and more efficient—providing reporters with detailed citations for the facts and figures Trump cited during his address. During the panel, CNN contributor Pamela Brown pointed out that “it was interesting how Trump framed Hillary Clinton as running a campaign of fear.” Reacting to Bash, Brown said, “That seems like a relatively new tactic.” Bash responded, “It does. But I think broadly, Pamela, I’m in the Capitol right now and you can almost hear Republicans here exhaling as they listened to this speech. Not necessarily because all Republicans agree with him on trade– this is an issue that scrambles the Republican Party just like it does the Democratic Party. They’re really split on whether free trade is a good idea, as George W. Bush did, or whether the more populist wing should prevail, that now is obviously led by Donald Trump. But just the fact that he gave such