Cologne Migrants Taught Short Skirts Aren’t A Sexual Invitation

Young migrant men and boys in Cologne are being taught not to sexually assault German women and that touching themselves won’t make them blind. A programme in Cologne, the city of the infamous New Year’s Eve sex attacks, is attempting to teach migrants that German girls are not asking for sexual advances no matter what clothing they chose to wear, reports newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. The programme is designed to give the migrants a sexual education – something they likely will not have had coming from the Middle East and North Africa. The aim is to stop future sex attacks by teaching German values, but it is being coordinated by a group who have caused controversy in the past. Presently, the migrants enrolled are young men between the ages of 13-17 who have undergone the trip to Germany largely on their own. These unaccompanied minors have caused problems for German authorities because men, primarily from North Africa, and have apparently used the migrant crisis as a way to have a free holiday at German tax-payers’ expense. Some migrants were even caught bragging about getting free money and food on Facebook as they travelled around Europe to various asylum accommodations. The group who run the programme are Pro