Colorado Man Refuses to Remove American Flag From Balcony Even If It Leads to Apartment Eviction

sam adams
A man in Colorado by the name of Samuel Adams has been ordered by his apartment complex to take down the American flag placed prominently on his balcony, per a Fox 59 report. According to Adams, his grandfather was in the Army during World War I, and his father served in the Navy so he decided to hang the flag on his balcony to honor his family members and the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Not too long after hanging the flag, Adams was sent a letter from management at Sterling Heights saying not to “clutter with personal belongings. Balconies and patios must be maintained in a neat, clean and attractive condition.” An astounded Adams then recorded a video of himself discussing what transpired. “I have never done anything like this before,” he told The Greeley Tribune. “But it was the right time and it was the right moment. I wanted to be a patriotic American and give tribute to our founding fathers and our veterans, and to have (management) say the flag is inappropriate or comparable to trash is reprehensible to me.” Management at the apartment complex said they do not oppose residents flying the American flag, but residents are not allowed to