Coulter: ‘It’s Cruz Who Is the Little Bitch Who Can’t Get Over It’

Thursday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” while discussing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) not endorsing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump Wednesday night during his speech at the Republican National Convention, conservative commentator and author of the upcoming book, “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” Ann Coulter called Cruz “the little bitch who can’t get over it.” Coulter said, “No. I’m in Cleveland, and you were hoping for reports from the scene but I have not watched a single moment of the convention. I was at a dinner party when someone came in and said you have to see this. Ted Cruz just committed suicide on stage. And we all pulled out our iPhones and first read about it and then watched it. And oh, my gosh, that’s the only thing I wish I had been in the hall for. It’s like professional wrestling. It’s amazing that he does not have people around him to tell him, ‘Ted, maybe you shouldn’t be committing suicide live on national TV.’ But I mean, I guess you’ve shown your viewers the great thing, among the great things about it, was when Donald Trump came out and the whole crowd turned their back to Cruz and applauded