Czech Republic: We’d Rather Risk EU Penalties then be Forced to Take Migrants

The Czech Republic is not prepared to accept any more than the 12 migrants it has already taken under the quota scheme set up by the European Union (EU) even if that means facing sanctions, the nation’s interior minister has said. “Ongoing security checks show that the country can no longer accept anyone else”, said Milan Chovanec, noting that the Czech Republic has so far received 12 of the 1,600 migrants it has been ordered to take in under the terms of the EU quota deal. Vetting so-called refugees is “complicated”, the minister explained, adding that migrants “have not even been willing to remain in place [in Greek and Italian camps, while security checks take place”. “We check thoroughly and in detail during the process, which takes between several weeks and more than two months. “But these people [that the Czech Republic have been told to take in as refugees] were not prepared to remain in place while being vetted. Because of that, we haven’t given them security clearance.” Confirming that the country “has no further plans to adopt more migrants”, Mr Chovanec raised the issue of repeated threats from Brussels to punish states which are refusing to go along with