Dallas Cowboys Ranked ‘Most Valuable’ Sports Franchise in the World

Dallas Cheerleaders
For the first time in five years, an NFL franchise is more valuable than the usual soccer juggernauts of Europe. The Dallas Cowboys now lead the world with an overall value of $4 billion despite their championship drought. Forbes’ annual rankings of the most valuable professional sports franchises are typically dominated by the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester United, though Dallas has officially given them a run for their money. The team posted an operating profit of $270 million for the 2014 season — $75 million more than any other NFL team that year, according to Forbes. Club owner Jerry Jones’ $1.2 billion stadium’s seat and sponsorship revenues top the league at $245 million. The Cowboys’ decision to opt out of standard merchandise licensing arrangements frees the team to collaborate with nontraditional clothing brands like Victoria’s Secret and others to reach new markets. Despite their financial success, the Cowboys have not made a Super Bowl appearance in two decades – furthering the argument that they are still “America’s Team”. Of the top 50 list, 27 entries are NFL teams. Forbes notes that the league’s ability to ink broadcast deals that cut against American broadcasters’ own interests are a core