Dem Sen Manchin: Instead of Being Party of Workers, ‘We’ve Become So Politically Correct’ We Stop Them From Working

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) said that “instead of being the party of the working man and woman, it seems like that we’ve become so politically correct, we have become the party of preventing the working man and woman from working, because of the overreach, trying to dictate and control people’s lives.” After describing the 2016 election as a change election, Manchin added, “Hillary said some things that were extremely, extremely toxic in my state, and it just hurt us tremendously, but she wasn’t going to win West Virginia no matter what. But the bottom line is, I felt that she knew our state, and she could help us, and so, that’s where we were.” Manchin continued that there’s a difference between Democrats in West Virginia and Democrats in Washington, and “when you’re looking at Washington, they forget that there’s a rural America. they forget there’s people that still want to work. And I’ve said we were always the party of the working man and woman. I grew up in a town where everybody worked. everybody had to do something, but I think most everybody was Democrats. So, I saw people that were giving