DNC Chair Perez: Trump’s ‘Currency Is Dividing People’

Earlier this week on Bill Press’ radio show, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez called it President Donald Trump’s “currency” to divide people. When asked about what the message Trump’s pardon of former Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent, Perez said, “It’s red meat to his base. It’s so divisive when you stack it on top of the violence in Charlottesville when you stack it on top of his inability to say clearly that we are the United States of America not the Divided States of America. This a person whose currency is dividing people, That is not who we are as a nation.” He added, “We need a president that can unite us. We need a president who understands if you blow out your neighbor’s candle that doesn’t make your candle shine any brighter. This is a president who lives in that zero sum world of I can only get ahead if I bring you down.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN