Donald Trump: Politico ‘Total Rag’

Trump Points at PoliticoAP
Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump criticized Politico’s recent report — that he would sell out of the race and not be the Republican nominee for $150 million — during his afternoon campaign rally with a few thousand supporters in Phoenix, Arizona at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum. “Can you believe this?” Trump said about Politico’s recent report that suggests establishment Republicans would pay Trump $150 million to get out of the race. “Number one, you can’t do it. Number two, you could offer me five times that amount and I wouldn’t do it.” Trump referenced business mogul Mark Cuban, whom Politico quoted in the article, saying that Trump may pull out of the race for five billion dollars, but not $150 million. “For five billion, we have to think about it right?” Trump joked, calling Politico a “total rag” that always uses an anonymous source that “doesn’t exist.” He also added that CNN “is terrible.” “The Republican National Committee is with me 100 percent,” the billionaire added. “I think it’s just a pure fabrication by the press,” he added, referencing another report by the Washington Post about a plan to change the rules at the Republican National Convention to slip someone else into the nominee position. “The Republicans should stick together.