Donald Trump Will Order Interior Review on National Monuments Designated by Clinton and Obama

President Donald Trump will sign an executive order to begin a review process of national monuments designated by modern presidents, including former President Bill Clinton and former President Barack Obama, according to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. According to Zinke, the review will feature monuments of 100,000 acres or more designated from January 1, 1996 and advise the president of possible actions. The review will feature an estimation of about 24-40 national monuments and tens of millions of acres designated in the last 20 years. “It directs the Department of Interior to make recommendations to the president on whether the monument should be reminded, resized, modified in order to better manage our federal lands,” Zinke told reporters in a White House briefing on Tuesday evening. The review would specifically address Obama’s Bear Ears designation within 45 days in an interim review, with a final review scheduled for 120 days, according to Zinke. The Bears Ears monument is 1.35 million acres — part of the over 553 million acres of land and sea designated as a monument during Obama’s presidency. Zinke also mentioned a review of the Grand Staircase monument (1,700,000 acres) instituted by Clinton. Clinton added 5.7 million acres of