Economist: Austria Should Leave the EU after Brexit

A respected economist has said that it is in Austria’s best interest to leave the European Union after Brexit due to the growing influence of poorer nations as a result of the loss of UK membership. Economics professor Hans-Werner Sinn is warning both Austria and Germany that the result of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, or Brexit, may affect them negatively. He argues that as a result of the UK  leaving the union the number of poorer countries like Greece and Spain will now begin to outnumber the richer ones like Germany and Austria. Sinn’s solution is simple, Austria should cancel the Maastericht treaty and leave the bloc, reports Die Welt.  Sinn, who is the former head of the prestigious IFO Institute, claims that the problem is population as well as wealth. The poorer countries, without the UK in the union, will inevitably be able to change the rules of the European Union to suit themselves at the expense of richer nations like Austria and Germany. The economist doesn’t want Austria to permanently leave the European Union but rather cancel the Maastricht treaty and then go on the propose an amendment to the way the EU works. He argues that the Maastricht