‘Emotions, Revenge, Repressed Homosexuality’… How The Media Covered For Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen

Seventeen pages of transcripts between the Orlando police and Omar Mateen – the dead Islamic terrorist who killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Florida – have now been released. Despite the drastic attempts by the establishment media to portray Mr. Mateen as a scorned, mentally ill, repressed homosexual, the documents reveal one crucial point: Omar Mateen ranted at the police about America’s fight against the Islamic State, mentioning the war and air strikes at least 20 times in total. There had previously only been summaries of the 17 pages released by the FBI, which gave media outlets the wiggle room to try and portray Mr. Mateen as something other than an Islamic fundamentalist. He is even as specific, throughout the conversations, telling police his motive was the death of Abu Wahib, and Islamic State commander killed by U.S. backed forces in May. But the establishment media went to significant lengths to cover for Mr. Mateen and his motives: 1. Washington Post: ‘He was not a stable person’: Orlando shooter showed signs of emotional trouble (June 12) The Washington Post, increasingly recognised for its spin rather than news coverage, reported that “Mateen claimed allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu